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In 2014, God began to stir their hearts for transition. It wasn’t until an unexpected time of loss in their immediate family that the transition to church planting became clear. The Hobby’s moved to Louisville, Kentucky in August 2015 to begin the process of launching a new life-giving church.

The dream became a reality on September 18, 2016! Church of the Ville was launched in Tinseltown Movie Theatre. In January 2018, Church of the Ville relocated to Kentucky Country Day School. God has been faithful and the impossible has become possible!

Today, Church of the Ville is a life-giving church committed to helping people reach their full potential in Christ. From weekend services of passionate worship and relevant teaching, to small groups gathering in Louisville, people are experiencing opportunities to Know God, Find Freedom, Discover Purpose, and Make a Difference.


Dave and Heather have a deep love for God and are passionate about seeing people taking their next step of faith. They met at Lee University in Cleveland, Tennessee, where they were both studying. They married on August 8, 2003, shortly after graduation, and continued pursuing higher education. Dave and Heather have been in full-time ministry in the local church since 2004 when they took their first Youth Pastor position in North Alabama where they served for 11 years.

Dave and Heather have a vibrant and creative daughter, Rebecca, and a loving and helpful son, Tanner. Their entire family has developed a love for the city of Louisville and are excited about what God is doing in The Ville.

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We believe that the church’s primary focus should be to reach people far from God and to teach people how to follow Jesus. As a church, we choose to make much of Jesus. We believe that the church is built on Jesus, by Jesus, and for Jesus. Because of that, the focus should be on Him. Jesus is the focus of the messages we preach, the songs we sing, and the prayers we pray. We focus on Jesus because we believe that if people see Jesus for who He is then they will be captured by his beauty and compelled to devote their life to knowing and following him.

We believe people hear enough bad news so our desire is to tell them good news. The message of Jesus is good news. We believe the Gospel of Jesus should be the central message of the church. We believe that self-help messages fail to do what only the Gospel can do, change lives. The Gospel of Jesus is for the sinner and the saint. Jesus is our message.

(Matthew 28:18-20, Colossians 1:15-29, Romans 1:16-17)


We believe that the Church is the hope of the world. Jesus gave his life for the church, he is building the church and we get the amazing honor to join His mission. We love the church, not just our church, but also the capital “C” Church. We celebrate other churches. We believe that other churches in our city are our partners not our competitors. We love, serve, build and defend the church at all cost. The church is our mission.

(Matthew 28:18-20)


We believe that the city has been entrusted to us. God has placed us strategically in the middle of the beauty and brokenness of the city to make it better and brighter. We have a deep conviction that if it’s our city, then it’s our responsibility. The city doesn't exist for the church; the church exists for the city. We take responsibility for our city by seeking the peace and prosperity of the city. We aggressively seek to know and meet the needs of our city in practical ways. We believe that if we take care of our city, God will take care of our church. We love our city. Our city is our responsibility.

(Jeremiah 29:7, Mark 12:30-31)


We believe that people matter to God and so they should matter to us. People are our greatest asset. We value people. We celebrate people. We invest in people. We care for people. We extend grace to people. We love all people regardless of race, gender, or socioeconomic background. We believe that if we love the people nobody wants, then God will give us the people everybody wants. We are in the people business.  People are not projects, but are precious assets to the kingdom of God.  We believe that lost people are one of the greatest priorities to God, and so the lost should be one of the highest priorities to our church. Our church desires to equip the insider but not at the expense of disengaging the outsider. We build our weekend services with the lost in mind. We are committed to do anything short of sin to reach the lost for Jesus. We are a reaching church, a rescuing church, an inviting church, a welcoming church, and a “do whatever it takes” church because people are our priority.

(John 3:16, Luke 15, Luke 19:10)


We believe that every person has a calling to use their life to serve others. Serving others is one of the most fulfilling parts of the Christian life. We are contributors, not consumers. Jesus modeled serving. He said that the very reason he came to earth was to serve and give his life for others. He said the greatest among us is a servant. We believe that anyone can be great because anyone can serve. We believe that if you're too big to serve, you're too small to lead. We believe that if serving is beneath you, then leading is beyond you. We believe saved people serve people. Every Christ follower is called to follow Christ’s example of serving. Serving isn't an option, serving is our calling.

(1 Peter 4:10, Matthew 23:11, Mark 10:35)


We believe that Christians should be known as the most generous people on the planet. We believe that Christians should give cheerfully, regularly, and sacrificially. We believe that as Christians we should live with open hands, always ready to give and receive. We believe that giving should be with no strings attached. We believe that the greatest motivation for generosity is not based on a law, but based on the generosity that has been shown to us through Jesus Christ.  We believe in the tithe and the offerings. The tithe is a simple way to show God that He is first in our lives. The tithe feeds the house and the offerings build the house. We believe that the tithe should be motivated by grace instead of guilt. Our church is not built on the generosity of a few but on the sacrifice and generosity of many. We believe the church should save aggressively, spend wisely, and give generously. Giving is not an obligation; giving is our privilege.

(Malachi 3:10, Proverbs 11:24-26, 2 Corinthians 8&9)


We believe that excellence honors God and inspires people. We believe that the most excellent message deserves the most excellent presentation. We believe that excellence is about doing little things in a big way. God is into the details and so we are into details.  We are passionate about creating excellent environments and experiences for people to encounter God. We believe that God is worthy of excellence and people are worth it. We hold a high standard of excellence for every area of our church. Excellence is our standard.

(Colossians 3:23-24, Daniel 6:3, 1 Kings 10)


We believe that the life of the believer should be lived passionately for Jesus. After all that Christ endured for us and has given to us, we believe that the only reasonable response is to express our love and devotion to Him with passion.  We choose to be passionate in our worship, our prayers, our serving, our giving, our sacrifice, and our response to the preaching of God’s word. We believe that passion is contagious, and that it has the potential to engage and excite the people around us. We believe that our passion carries the potential to set the atmosphere of an environment. We clap louder and we clap longer. We are unapologetic about our passion and seek to respond to what God is doing in us through appropriate and meaningful expressions. Passion is our response.


We believe that joy is a choice to honor God no matter what our circumstances may be. We believe that we must take ownership of our attitude and choose to lead our emotions rather than letting our emotions lead us. This is not simply “putting on” a fake smile but rather choosing to focus on the goodness of God, the joy of His salvation, and the grace in our lives. We believe that our attitude and spirit can affect the mood of a room or the culture of a team, and so we choose to be a breath of fresh air rather than suck the life out of the room. We believe that life and ministry should be enjoyed and not just endured. We believe that one of the most attractive qualities of any individual or team is a spirit of joy. We don’t take things too seriously and we choose to laugh often. Joy is not based on a circumstance, joy is based on a choice. Joy is our choice.